International Missions Ministries

Some of our global giving funds go to those ministries who enable other mission works to exist, train national pastors and give medical supplies and Bible translations to areas that otherwise would be without. All of these ministries exist for the expansion of the gospel of Christ and are voted on by the church body.

  • Ken fielder family

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  • final frontiers

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  • core missions

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  • Dr. daniel siemer

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  • Gene & alice burge

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Supported Mission Works by Country

While we do our best to keep a list of all of our supported missionaries current and contemporary, some missionaries might not be listed, or information will not be readily available due to the sensitive nature of their mission field and location.

Feel free to browse through the missionaries supported (listed by country or area) and pick one to pray for, write a note of encouragement, read their latest update or send them a gift.


  • The george family

    Full-time missionaries in Argentina since 1996, the George family has made great strides for the gospel and Argentine people. They currently have a Bible Institute to train national pastors, a radio ministry to spread the Word of God and many evangelical outreaches, tract drives and public revivals.

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  • the owens family

    David and Hannah Owens plan to begin their ministry by starting their first church plant in Cordoba, a city 8 hours south of Tucuman. Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina with a population 1.5 million souls. The city is located right in the heart of Argentina and is a strategic location to reach other parts of Argentina. Cordoba is in need of churches that preach the Gospel and sound doctrine. They want to see people saved, discipled and established in the faith.

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  • the smith family

    Robert and Rhoda Smith have served as a family in St. Philip, Barbados since 1993.



  • the lopez family

    "As we transition from furlough back to the field, we desperately need your prayers. It can be dangerous when there are no schedules to follow and everything is unfamiliar."

    Xavier and Rebecca Lopez

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  • The vallejo family

    "Thank you again for praying for the ministry here in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We appreciate your prayers and financial support."

    Juan and Amy Vallejo, missionaries in Sao Paulo Brazil since 2006

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  • the smith family

    David and Geri Smith ministered in São Paulo, Capital, from 1988 until 1995, at which time God moved them to Curitiba, PR. They ministered in Curitiba, PR, from 1995 to 2001. In 2001, before their furlough, God led them to Londrina, a city full of religion, but lost without a Savior. 



  • the ruppel family

    The Ruppel family has been in Cambodia since March of 1996. They have started multiple churches in villages surrounding Phnom Penh and have even translated the Bible into the Cambodian language.

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  • the lapato family

    Missionaries in Regensburg, Bavria, Germany.



  • the lerisse family

    A native of Haiti, Biz Larisse and his family have been serving on the island of Hispaniola since 2004. Church planting, food relief projects and gospel-centered evangelism are among their mission priorities.

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  • the anderson family

    Originally planning on being resident missionaries in the country of India, this family changed plans when the door to India slammed shut. Following the Holy Spirit, they are working to establish a solid ministry in Jamaica.

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  • Anabel de vallejo home

    For over a decade, the Annabel de Vallejo Home has been providing a loving home atmosphere for scores of children who are homeless, starving and in need of Christ.

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  • the duke family

    The Duke Family have been serving in Mexico for many years. Please pray for them as their ministry experiences many victories with people being saved and challenges as they spread the Gospel in Morels, Mexico.


  • the murrillo family

    Since 1982, this family has been answering the call to worldwide missions. They currently serve in Guadalajara, Mexico where they minister through churches, orphanages and more.

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  • the peyton family

    This family has faithfully served God for over a quarter of a century in Chihuahua, Mexico.

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  • Chris Sage

    Chris has served in Colonia-Paseos del Sol Zapopan, Jalisco since 2009.

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  • the valtierra family

    The Valtierra family serves at theIglesia Bautista Fundamental Ebenezer in Ojo de Agua, Mexico.

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  • the tipton family

    Paul Tipton and his wife, Gail, serve in the country of Nicaragua where they are training national pastors and have assisted in the planting of over six churches.

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  • the holmes family

    In June of 2005, the Holmes family began their first term as missionaries in Nigeria. Soon, Truth Baptist Church along with Temple Baptist Institute was started, the church now averaging 220 on Sundays with 42 graduates from the ministry training school. Property with buildings was purchased, and Providence Baptist College & Seminary opened its doors in August 2009 and has now produced 30 graduates. 35 churches have been started by those who have been trained or ordained by their ministry, including one of the most recent, Grace & Glory Baptist Church in Abuja, in which the Holmes family is also involved.

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  • the pranger family

    James and Amber Pranger are following God's leading in their lives to reach the people of Siberia to Christ. In Russia, they will work with two established mission works, one in the city of Krasnoyarsk the other in the village of Elita.

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  • the schoof family

    The Schoof family are veteran missionaries who had served in Rwanda since 2004. There, they established churches and a radio station to proclaim the gospel. Following harsher governmental restrictions, they moved to Uganda, where they have been ministering since 2019.

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  • the maher family

    Richard, Oksana, Elisabeth and David Maher minister throughout the Ukranian and Moldovian regions, serving out of their base church in Odessa.


Unlisted Mission Works

Due to the sensitive nature of their respective fields in which they serve, these missionaries have requested that no details about their specific mission and ministry be published on the website. It is important to note, however, that they do provide the church with updates and specific prayer requests.

  • ministry in india

    This young family began their journey to India in 2017. As they work to spread the gospel in a volatile and largely unreceptive country, please pray for their safety and for the Holy Spirit to work through them.

  • ministry in israel

    "The Lord has been so good to us while in quarantine, and has allowed us to share the

    Gospel to unexpected people. Whether to a delivery man or someone buying something

    we had for sale, or a technician guy, the Gospel was given and accepted. I have found that

    people are people no matter where you are, and they face similar struggles. Jesus is the

    answer, and we must not be afraid or ashamed to share the Good News in times like

    these. " - May, 2020 update

  • ministry in israel

    This family utilizes sports, student visas and foreign exchange to better educate Americans and Israelis alike on our Judeo-Christian heritage. This, of course, gives great opportunity for the gospel of Christ.

  • ministry in israel

    This veteran missionary couple had served in Europe for many years before relocating to minister to the Jewish community in Jerusalem.

  • ministry in kurdistan

    This young couple teaches English in Iraqi Kurdistan. They enjoy living among the people there and are learning the Kurdish language while they are teaching. This allows them to give the gospel (to those receptive) while teaching English. As you can imagine, this tactic is not without its dangers.